Party Games
Party Games

Party Games

Before starting any of these games we recommend everyone giving up their car keys. Please drink responsibly!


What you will need: 1 deck of cards and 4+ players

1. Scatter the cards in the middle of your table face down.
2. Each player takes a turn picking one card, they flip it over showing everyone their card
3. Each card has a different rule:
Ace Take one drink
2 Take two drinks
3 Take three drinks
4 Questions: You look at the person of your choice and ask them a question, they must answer your question with a question and it keeps going until someone screws up. whoever screws it up drinks
5 Give five drinks
6 I never, this is where the person who flipped the card says something they have never done and anyone who has must drink
7 Thumbmaster: this person puts their thumb down on the table whenever they want and the last one to put theirs down drinks.
8 Categories: The first person gives a topic/category and in rotation everyone else must give a kind the first one to not respond drinks
9 Rhyme: Everyone must give a word that rhymes with yours, first one to screw up drinks
10 Social: Everyone drinks
Jack Guys drink
Queen Girls drink
King Waterfall: The one who picked the card drinks as much beer as they can and the 2nd person can't stop until they stop, the 3rd person can't sto until the 2nd person and so on....


What you will need: 1 dice, 6 cups, 2+ players

1: Line the cups in a straight line, put in each cup whatever you want the players to drink or leave some empty.
2. Everyone sits around and someone starts by rolling the dice.
3. The number you roll corresponds to the number of the cup in the line
If the cup is empty fill it as much as you want with a drink, and pass play to the next person
If it contains a drink, drink it all and roll again.


What you will need: 2-4 players, beer, ping pong table (or any table top), 20 plastic cups

1. Beer pong can be played one-on-one or with teams of two.
2. Fill the 20 plastic cups 1/3 full of beer (10 per side).
3. Arrange the cups into a 10 cup triangle at each end of the table.
4. Determine who goes first. Many games are started by a member of each team playing rock, paper, scissors.
5. The person going first attempts to throw a ball across the length of the table and into the cups of the opposing team. You can lob or bounce the ball into the cup.
6. When the player does get the ball into the cup that opposing team must drink that cup of beer and remove the empty cup from the table, rearrange the cups into a triangle.
7. Keep throwing the ball until you miss then the turn changes to the other team.
8. The game is over when the LOSING team has no more cups on the table.